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Extreme Training App is designed for women. The Extreme Training programme is structured in such a way as to ensure maximum results in the shortest possible time.

You don’t need any physical condition in order to start with the Extreme Training programme. If you are a total beginner and have never trained before, I suggest you to begin with the easiest level NOVICE. If you just gave birth, you can also choose the POSTPREGNANCY PROGRAM, which focuses on the closing of diastasis recti.

Your only task is to repeat after me. I will lead you through the app from one programme to another and you will reach the professional level PROFESSIONAL within one year.

See you at training!

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I like to look good at my trainings and I like high quality materials. Therefore, I have carefully chosen the models and the materials that are fashionable, high quality and made in EU.

I like to shop but in a smart manner and believe me, the shopping on my website is really smart.

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