What is EPOC effect?

You’ve probably heard of the EPOC effect before, but if you haven’t, you’re probably wondering what it is and how the EPOC effect will help you burn fat deposits on your body.

You have noticed that when you turn off the oven after cooking, it is not immediately cold. It takes some time for it to return to normal. Exactly the same process happens in our body after exercise, and also the body needs some time to restore balance and return to a state of rest. During the time when our body is recovering, oxygen consumption increases sharply, and it can take up to 24 hours for our body to return to normal after a hard workout.

Before you start exercising, your body is at rest phase and does not need excess oxygen. When you start training, your muscles are filled with lactic acid and we use up oxygen supplies that need to be replenished in the post-workout period. Our body needs energy to recover, so we burn more calories in the time after exercise than in the time before exercise. Research shows that more intense exercise, which increases excess oxygen consumption after exercise or EPOC, has a positive effect on weight loss. This extra oxygen consumption after a workout causes you to burn an extra 5 calories for every extra liter of oxygen you consume. This is the mail reason why we record a large number of successful transformations at Extreme Training.

How long does the EPOC effect last?

During high-intensity training, our body uses more oxygen, so the body needs to replenish these oxygen stores and work much harder compared to less intense workouts. All this happens 16-24 hours after the end of training. This means that after stopping exercise, the body still works for up to 24 hours to restore balance and therefore consumes extra energy.

The math is simple – the more intense workout is, the more oxygen your body will need, so more calories will be burned.The effectiveness of the EPOC effect depends on quite a few factors


The higher the intensity of training, the higher the calorie consumption, and consequently the effectiveness of the EPOC effect on our body.


An important thing to monitor in order to have a greater EPOC effect is the duration of each workout. According to research, it has been proven that we need to maintain a high intensity of training for at least 15 minutes.


It is important that the training is not only “fitness”, but that we add additional strength exercises to the training. Therefore, all workouts in the Extreme training application consist of fitness exercises and strength exercises that ensure the maximum effective EPOC effect in the individual.


A very important factor, is the amount of training. Train at least 2-3 times a week, and several times for greater EPOC efficiency. In doing so, remember that your body needs a minimum of 1 day of rest per week. If your body doesn’t get enough time to regenerate, you can do more bad than good things with training. Due to the rest day, Extreme training app won’t let you to train 7 day, because your body need a rest after 6 consecutive day of training.