3 reasons that are not aesthetic in nature, why is it important to strengthen the muscles of the booty ?!

If we want to choose the muscle group that is most popular fro women, then it is definitely the gluteus. Which women do not want to have a shaped and beautiful buttocks. But in addition to aesthetic reasons, performing exercises to strengthen the gluteus muscles has many other benefits. Below I present to you 3 reasons why it is good to perform exercises for the gluteal region muscles regularly.

What are the muscles of the buttocks?

gluteus maximus,

gluteus medius,

gluteus minimus.

In cooperation, these muscles are responsible for elongation, internal rotation, and abduction (displacement) of the hip.

Gluteus medius and minimus cooperate during hip abduction and prevent hip adduction. These muscles also do important work when you need to maintain balance on one leg, where controlling movement in the pelvis and femur plays a very important role. The gluteus maximus is primarily a muscle involved in hip displacement and is the largest of the three gluteus muscles.

Strong gluteus are important for proper pelvic alignment, running, and even support when standing on one leg. Strong gluteuses also help support the lower back during lifting movements and prevent knee injuries during lifting and running exercises. Strong gluteal muscles are the foundation for properly performing many lower limb exercises such as deadlifts, squats, and even walking.

3 reasons why it is important to strengthen the muscles of the buttocks

1. Reduced low back pain

Your gluteus is responsible for the expansion of the hip and its feedback. Strong buttock muscles are therefore crucial for lower back health, as they also help with pelvic and torso movements.

When the glutes are strong, you have a stable pelvis and better support for the lower back so that each load can be distributed more evenly across the lower back and lower limbs. A sign of a weak gluteus is roundness / curvature of the back during a deadlift.

2. Reduced knee pain

Your gluteal muscles give your pelvis stability. The lower extremities operate in a closed chain. This means that if “something goes wrong” in the ankle, it can cause an imbalance in the knee and forward along the leg to the hip.

The same can happen if instability occurs in the hip area, this can lead to excess force on the knee and ankle and this can cause discomfort or pain in the knee. Hip instability can cause excessive femoral rotation, which in turn causes patellar instability. Patellar instability is a common source of knee pain in many individuals.

3. Strength increases and sports performance improves

I’ve already mentioned the importance of strong glutes in exercises like deadlifts, and that these muscles can help with movement while running. Therefore, it is obvious that the gluteus is crucial for many sports activities: acceleration, jumps, and even lifting heavy loads. Gluteus maximus is one of the largest and strongest muscles in the body, so it greatly affects the explosiveness of athletes and those who are just in recreationsport.

The aesthetic component may be the most important for some, but if you think about all the benefits that strong gluteus muscles bring to our health and posture, put aesthetics aside and do good to your body by strengthening the gluteal region.

And remember, the muscles of the gluteal region should be strengthened by all. Both men and women as it is a very important muscle, with very important function.