Cooked or raw vegetables?

Cooked or raw?

When we talk about this topic, there are two types of people. Some people eat only home-grown or organically grown vegetables and groceries, while many others do not have this option but they are buying groceries at markets or in stores. If so, try to keep the food you buy as fresh as possible, as the food loses its nutritional value every day. It is best to eat food within the first 72 hours after harvesting.

You’ve often had the opportunity to hear that vegetables are healthiest to eat raw, so it’s generally much better to eat food raw. However, our body consumes more nutrients than most vegetables or foods if it is heat treated. Whether we cook, chop, fry food … it changes due to mechanical and chemical processes.

The heat destroys vitamin B1, B5 and vitamin C the most. Process foods that are rich in these vitamins as little as possible, and it is best to eat them raw. As for the fruit, it is best to keep it at room temperature, except for the berry, which can not stand for long. As for vegetables, it is recommended to keep them in the refrigerator, except for the roots, these can stand at room temperature.

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Chopping of fruit and vegetables

When we chop fruits and vegetables, the strong connections between the cells are broken. This releases enzymes that protect our body from viruses. Soak cereals and legumes in water before eating, as this reduces the amount of phytic acid, which can block the absorption of iron, calcium and magnesium, for example.

Nutritionally more useful food in cooking

Tomatoes are a unique example of a food that is healthier when is cooked, and one that is more useful in its nutritional form. Red, orange and yellow vegetables contain beta carotene, which is better used in this way. It is found in carrots, tomatoes and sweet potatoes.

When it comes to meat and egg proteins, they are more useful after heat treatment. Cooking food can reduce some of the harmful ingredients (especially if you are not sure whether the food is sprayed or not).

Frozen vegetables

Believe it or not, frozen vegetables can be richer in vitamins and minerals than the ones you buy “fresh” in supermarkets. It is known that frozen vegetables travel very quickly to the freezer after harvesting, which is an advantage for all nutrients. With fresh vegetables, we can never be one hundred percent sure how much time has passed since harvesting and how fresh it really is.

Of course, there are people who do not eat certain foods for certain reasons. This can be due to a food allergy, or you may simply feel bloated and uncomfortable. If it is an allergy, be sure to avoid such foods. And if this is due to bloating, try to prepare these foods in a different way or simply exclude them from your diet. Each of us is different and each enjoys a different preparation, taste and combination. Satisfy yourself the way you like best and take care of what you eat. Eat healthy and be the best version of yourself.